lucy on August 22nd, 2013

Sometimes we might do extraordinary things to get that  geocache…..I recently took on the Dempster Highway to get 2 special geocaches.


I’m currently traveling across North America in a Roadtrek RV and geocaching as I travel. I recently heard that biking the Dempster Highway to the Arctic Circle is a challenge few take on – and decided to try it.

dempster highway map How far would you go to get a geocache?

Of course, I checked if there were any geocaches along the way and was happy to find there was an Arctic Circle geocache and a North Territories Province geocache at the border – allowing me to earn some geocaching kudos to my tally.

 How far would you go to get a geocache?


Now the only problem was – how do I bike 487 miles of the Dempster Highway with my husband, my 2 dogs, and enough gear to camp and survive for 7 days. The highway has very limited facilities, so you are pretty much on your own.

We gathered up the equipment we needed and off we went.

dempster08 1024x576 How far would you go to get a geocache?

Ready to take on the Dempster Highway


Off we went on our journey – traveling over 200 miles to Eagle Plains and only 20 miles away from the Arctic Circle geocache. But tragedy befell us with a bike accident – a bike trailer wheel flew off – and it ended our Dempster Highway geocache trip early…

dempster47 1024x576 How far would you go to get a geocache?

Bike Accident on the Dempster Highway


I was disappointed to not get those 2 special geocaches in the Arctic Circle and in the Northwest Territories….and will have to have this picture from the Visitor center as my “so close but so far” memory.

whitehorse willwegettoarticcircle 1024x576 How far would you go to get a geocache?

My Arctic Circle “so close but so far” memory


How far would you go (or have been) to get a geocache?



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lucy on August 17th, 2013

Many of us take our GPS device with us when we travel and have geocached at our destination. Sometimes it may be a quick grab in a city during business travel, and sometimes it may be a place you go to just to geocache.

I’m currently on the road in a Roadtrek RV traveling across North America – and of course am geocaching along the way. I stopped in Cache Creek, British Columbia, Canada and found an advertisement in a tourist travel leaflet promoting the Gold Country GeoTour

I mean if you are in a place called Cache Creek, then it must have geocaches, right?


GoldTour Map GeoTours – A new way to enjoy your vacation

Gold Country GeoTour Brochure

I have often done a geocache series, such as my Henry VIII Wives geocache series in my hometown, San Diego, California. But the Gold Country geotour takes this to a new level.


 GeoTours – A new way to enjoy your vacation

Gold Country GeoTourism map


There are over 100 geocaches placed in a 300+ miles radius and it’s completely supported by the local tourist authorities. That is a great breakthrough in my opinion to create geotourism and adds more credibility of geocaching as a whole as well as guaranteed upkeep of the geocaches in this geotour.

The Gold Country geotour even offers a special geocache PRIZE if you find more than 24 of the geocaches.

For proof that you have found at least 24, you must collect a sticker or code from each of the geocache finds you make. Then when complete you send these details to the Gold Country GeoTour address.


 GeoTours – A new way to enjoy your vacation

Example of a Gold Country GeoTour Sticker

I took 2 days to complete 24 and discovered new places that I would never have stopped at or learnt about if it were not for this geotour.


GoldTour nigel 1 GeoTours – A new way to enjoy your vacation

Gold Country GeoTour Find Near Walhachin, British Columbia


And in a recent update to the official Geocaching website, there are several geotours listed as a feature for geocachers to take on.


 GeoTours – A new way to enjoy your vacation

Geocaching GeoTours Feature


Have you done any of the geotours shown on the Geocaching website? Do you think GeoTourism is a good idea? Or will it just take away the fun of muggles not knowing what we are doing looking in that bush?


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lucy on January 16th, 2011

I’ve signed up for IronMan Arizona 2011, so my life has quickly become put into time boxes of swimming, cycling, running, and other activities to support these 3 – like yoga, spin classes, strength training etc…

So that means I have had little time to go just geocaching and probably will limit the posts I make this year.

I have set up a separate blog about IronMan training for those that are interested, but didn’t want to assume all you geocachers want to hear the details of a swim technique and heart rate monitors!

I came up with a creative way to combine both the geocaching and IronMan training by selecting the Highway 52 bike path geocaches. I have seen these listed as I go through the Mission Trails Regional Park (MTRP) Hall of Fame geocaches bit by bit. And every time I think to myself “I’ll bring my bike and do those next time” but never have. So a great excuse to combine some bike training in with finding geocaches!

xmas geocache02 Combining Geocaching and IronMan Training

The recent rains in San Diego meant it was a little muddy on some of the paths…and I was sad to see that there were too many geocaches that are no longer active and need to be archived. I spent too much time searching for geocaches that were not there to find. But did manage to find 13 geocaches on the day and get a 10 mile bike ride.

My favorite geocache of the day was a surprise….it called us to walk to a yucca tree, and the trail was very muddy. I expected to have to look through bushes and then turned a corner and saw this very large geocache. Amazing it has survived for such a long time, but then again, who is going to come here and then carry this off on their bike?

xmas geocache03 Combining Geocaching and IronMan Training

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