lucy on January 15th, 2009

My geocache handle is ‘Lucy&Nigel’ so feel free to look us up at We’ve found over 200 geocaches and have been caching for nearly 1 year now, so we are now starting to branch out and find different types of caches. Quality and not quantity! So this geocache blog post is about a webcam […]

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lucy on January 10th, 2009

This geocache blog entry introduced Bangers & Mash (formerly known as Lucy & Nigel as our geocacher handle). We decided to show off a few adventures in a geocache  gvideo format rather than just pictures. This includes geocaching in California and in England, crossing the pond for geocaching hides across the world.   It’s easy to […]

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lucy on January 9th, 2009

Wow, this is exciting! I’ve been geocaching for nearly 1 year now and have to say I’m hooked. So with all those New Year resolutions that we have, I wanted to share the adventures of geocaching with others and start writing a geocache blog. So welcome….and hope to see you here and out there in the field!

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