lucy on June 9th, 2009

I have come to prefer visiting nature from the luxury of a hotel room and not to camp. We went on a mini-break to Palm Springs over the Memorial Weekend and there was a Visitor center off the highway. It also had a geocacher – so how could we resist?   It stated it was […]

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I am still on the learning trail of Puzzle Geocaches. Some can be quick and easy, whilst others are rock hard!! So putting out a series of blog posts highlighting Geocache Puzzles – solve the series highlighted in the blog posts…..and I’ll publish a new cache at the end. Disclaimer: All caches will be located […]

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This geocache blog post is about getting a FTF…. Wow – I always envied those other geocachers that had a FTF – wondered if we would ever get one. Knew that I did not scour the listings every minute – and was more of a weekend geocacher – so thought it was never to be. […]

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