When I started geocaching I did not have “geosense” – which is the understanding of how and the types of hides that people do with their geocaches.

So I would often walk by somewhere and go “it’s not here!” and then find that it really was. After I started getting my “geosense” I could start to think how these things are hidden…and that’s when I became a true geocacher!

This geocache blog post is here to show an example of a typical geocache hide that I call “The Post”. You’ll be walking up to the coordinates and you’ll see a post….but where is the cache?

geocache hide pole 01 A Typical Geocache Hide   The Post


This picture is a close up….does it give it away? Can you see the fishing wire? That is a clue that something is IN the Post!

geocache hide pole 02 A Typical Geocache Hide   The Post

And if you pull at the fishing wire, you won’t find a fish (like I did in my previous blog write up!!!!) but you will find a geocache! Hooray!

geocache hide pole 03 A Typical Geocache Hide   The Post

Other common geocache hides include the lamp post geocache hide and the Ammo Box.

tt twitter big4 A Typical Geocache Hide   The Post tt facebook big4 A Typical Geocache Hide   The Post tt linkedin big4 A Typical Geocache Hide   The Post tt technorati big4 A Typical Geocache Hide   The Post

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2 Responses to “A Typical Geocache Hide – “The Post””

  1. lucy says:

    That is an interesting point of view. We are living in the times where we often think that there is danger in every box, package, suitcase that is left around.
    Many geocachers are clear to put a sticker on the cache (that you can’t see in the picture) that is green and has the geocache logo. This signals that it is part of the game of geocaching and not a bomb.

  2. mchaos says:

    Hi. I think this is a poor example to show people a cache. The reason is that it is a home mad PVC tube, which aside from being not so water proof because you cannot tighten it down all the way or no one can get it open, but mostly because it resembles a pipe bomb. If a muggle(non geocacher) were to see some one pull that up and out, trying to be some what sneaky about it, then put it back, it can look like some one placing a bomb/trap. These are the kind of thing we see in the news being blown up by the bomb squad.

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