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Is there a geocache at the bottom of this bungee jump?

I live in San Diego, Calfornia and started geocaching 5 years ago after hearing a mother complain that her son would not go for walks with her. Her friend said “try geocaching, it’s a treasure hunt perfect for your kid to keep his attention”….and off my addiction began.

Recently looked up my Geocache ranking and saw I have a long way to go!!!

 About Me


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6 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Wendy Johnson says:

    I have a question and I wasn’t sure how else to contact you. There is a puzzle cache in Blanco County Texas that includes morse code and flags – I am stumped as to what the flags mean! Can you help???


    Momma and the Boys

  2. Andy "the_flats" says:

    i’m coming to San Diego today and willstay for four days. As a swiss geocacher i’m delighted to cache around in San Diego while the rest of the family is sunbathing.
    Is there a Geocaching-Store in town?

    Happy caching

  3. amy says:

    There is a geocaching-type event going on in the U.S. right now that involves an awesome prize. It’s centered around the new book The Skin Map by best-selling author Stephen Lawhead. There are 50 caches all over the U.S. and clues are released here: – It’s being called the ultimate treasure hunt. With an iPad on the line, it may be! Thought you might be interested.

  4. Sammy Rodriques says:

    My name is Sammy Rodriques from a company called GearPods. We make a modular container system called GearPods Connect. These containers make great geocaches: they’re durable, compact, 100% watertight and very configurable. They are also available in different sizes and colors. What makes this system unique is the way in which you can screw units together to form separate compartments. Here’s a link:

    We’d like to send you some samples to take a look at. If you’re interested, please can you email me a physical address that we can send the units to. Similarly if you have any questions or would like further information, please email me and I’d be glad to help.

    Thanks! We look forward to getting some units in your hands to take a look.


    Sammy Rodriques
    GearPods Corporation

  5. frances says:

    I visited your blog and I was wondering if I can recommend it. Since many of our audience are sport fans, I am sure they would love to visit a blog like yours.
    Let me know if this is ok. Thanks for your time and take care.

    • lucy says:

      go for it Frances! It’s a good thing to add onto an existing sport.
      For instance, say kayakers in Mission Bay, San Diego and they could get a few geocachers out in the Bay!

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