“Bangers & Mash” signed up for an Adventure Race yesterday. It was held in Missions Trails Regional Park by local Adventure Racers “Team Equinox”

We met Barrie and Steve (aka Equinox) when we were trying to learn how to read navigational maps. The GPS we had for geocaching was great, but we wanted to make sure we could survive without one. And orienteering and adventure races don’t allow you to use a GPS (shocking!) so we knew we had to learn at some point. After this first event we were hooked….so we keep seeing Equinox at various events and hikes around San Diego.

mission trails web.jpg 311×288 pixels Adventure Race   Peaks & Valleys from Equinox

Back to the Race

The race started at 8am, which I have to say is just unnaturally early for me on a weekend. My body rebels before daylight on these 2 precious weekend days. But we understood why it started early when we got out there. It was HOT at 8am and just kept rising as the day wore on. Stated to be 82 degrees mid-day. Fantastic for sitting by the pool, but not when you are pushing a bike up a mountain.

We arrived at 7:53 am and dashed to the start line. There were 10 other people there all ready to start. “Go!” shouted Barrie. Bangers & Mash hung back for a few minutes to get the pre-race report.

We had a map and had to cover 10 checkpoints of 5 peaks and 5 valleys across Mission Trails Regional Park in as fast a time as possible. We had scouted and hiked parts of the parks in the prior weeks with Team Equinox and it had helped us out a lot to understand the routes to take and those to avoid.

So off we went on our adventure race. We biked as much as we could, hiked up some parts, and hiked-the-bike for a lot of the mountain climbs! We covered 11.2 miles and did 6 checkpoints in 4:40 hours. A great time with time to improve as we get better. The winner? Runner covered it all (26 miles) in 5 hours. Biker covered it all in 4:50 hours. Impressive!

And the geocaches?

I know I should have searched for geocaches…there are hundreds in Mission Trails, including a fantastic series of “war games” in 2007….but the call of the adventure race was there instead and we wanted to see how much we could do.

So we called a compromise and took photos and videos of the day instead. Created a little video of the fun we had.

For you music lovers out there, this song is on of my faves to sing and dance to. It’s by D.J. Movie and based on the theme tune to a very famous movie (You’ll have to watch to find out, and you’ll know it straight away in the main section!)


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