This week has been quite an adventure for our geocaching! We managed to get our 1000th geocache AND finished the Black Mountain Hall of Fame geocache series!

Black Mountain Trail Map

Black Mountain Trail Map
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The ones that are not smiley faces are actually not active or are geocaches we have placed….so this is the complete Black Mountain Series.

It started a couple of months back when FlagMan set out ┬áchallenge for people to complete all the geocaches that were located in a certain area. Lots of beautiful mountains and trails in San Diego, with thousands of geocaches on those trails. So why not set the geocaching hike adventure challenge to find them all…

This was a nice challenge, but Bangers & Mash were only at ~800 geocaches and no way or time to go and get the remaining ~2000 on the complete list. This would be more of a goal in 2 years than in 2 months.

But last week we then got passed the M.A.S.H geocache event details….on June 6th there was an awards ceremony for all the geocachers that had completed one or more of the Hall of Fame series in their geocaching hike adventures.

We checked out the names and saw Black Mountain. A local for us that we had done many geoccahes – indeed even had placed a few there. With 8 days to go to the geocache event we needed 20 more. But this included 4 puzzle geocaches and 2 multi-caches.

We looked at each other and our calender for the week (which included hosting a goodbye party, a race in Mount Laguna, and my birthday, and some deadlines at work) and just shook our heads. Absolutely no chance to squeeze in a hike adventure to make the Black Mountain Hall of Fame.

But then we just kept saying…”if we get up at 5am and do 2 hours before work”. “The sunset is at 7:30pm so we could get a few in the last hour before this on Friday….”

And off the last week of geocaching hike adventure began….

  • Sunday - 5 hours on the mountain trekking and bushwhacking including #1000
  • Monday – 1 sneaky puzzle geocache before work
  • Tuesday – 2 hours at 5am for the multi-cache
  • Friday - 2 hours of sunset geocaching to get the puzzles
  • Sun June 6th (day of M.A.S.H geocache event) – 4 hours of geocaching 4 different areas of the mountain to pick up the last one in each area.

WOO-HOO!! We made it to the Black Mountain Hall of Fame! And got an award at the M.A.S.H award ceremony. The M.A.S.H reference is to the old tv series and was also a costume event, so double fun.

If you are interested in going to Black Mountain – here is a link to the trail map.

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2 Responses to “We are in the Black Mountain Geocache Hall of Fame”

  1. Kim says:

    Congratulations on the 1000 caches! I keep trying just to get into triple digits — I think I’ll have to give your technique a try of the before-work cache runs.

  2. You guys rock! Congratulations, and the pictures are fun.

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