I’ve signed up for IronMan Arizona 2011, so my life has quickly become put into time boxes of swimming, cycling, running, and other activities to support these 3 – like yoga, spin classes, strength training etc…

So that means I have had little time to go just geocaching and probably will limit the posts I make this year.

I have set up a separate blog about IronMan training for those that are interested, but didn’t want to assume all you geocachers want to hear the details of a swim technique and heart rate monitors!

I came up with a creative way to combine both the geocaching and IronMan training by selecting the Highway 52 bike path geocaches. I have seen these listed as I go through the Mission Trails Regional Park (MTRP) Hall of Fame geocaches bit by bit. And every time I think to myself “I’ll bring my bike and do those next time” but never have. So a great excuse to combine some bike training in with finding geocaches!

xmas geocache02 Combining Geocaching and IronMan Training

The recent rains in San Diego meant it was a little muddy on some of the paths…and I was sad to see that there were too many geocaches that are no longer active and need to be archived. I spent too much time searching for geocaches that were not there to find. But did manage to find 13 geocaches on the day and get a 10 mile bike ride.

My favorite geocache of the day was a surprise….it called us to walk to a yucca tree, and the trail was very muddy. I expected to have to look through bushes and then turned a corner and saw this very large geocache. Amazing it has survived for such a long time, but then again, who is going to come here and then carry this off on their bike?

xmas geocache03 Combining Geocaching and IronMan Training

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2 Responses to “Combining Geocaching and IronMan Training”

  1. Weena says:

    Holy crap I need to find myself one of those! If ya’ll have any geocaching meet ups back in San Diego please let me know! :D

    -Christina (GC name: BalloonSmuggler)

  2. ErikaJean says:

    Whoa! That thing is so big!

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