This geocache blog post adds to the series of revealing the mysteries of geocache hides. Others include the lamp post geocache hide and the Ammo Box.

This post focuses on The Sprinkler. Yes, those little black sprinklers that you see all over lawns and parks and fields can actually be geocaches. So you have to build up that geosense to know when to go and twizzle that sprinkler and when to leave it alone.

When a sprinkler is in the middle of nowhere, like the example shown below, you might want to have you geosense get triggered. Would there even be any need for irrigation in a wildlife preserve?

geocache sprinkler 01 Common Geocache Hide   The Sprinkler

As you get closer to the sprinkler, take a look and see if it has any puddles of water from leaks, or maybe a sign it has been handled by people on a regular basis liek this one.

geocache sprinkler 02 Common Geocache Hide   The Sprinkler


Then go ahead and try and open up the sprinkler. The head may screw off for some geocache types or others you might need to pull up from the ground and the geocache will be on the inside. One thing you need with a sprinkler system is some way to keep the geocache dry…

geocache sprinkler 03 Common Geocache Hide   The Sprinkler

If you want to read about some unusual or unique geocache hides, you might be interested in the Saguaro Cactus or the Lamp Post or the Tucson Rock.

tt twitter big4 Common Geocache Hide   The Sprinkler tt facebook big4 Common Geocache Hide   The Sprinkler tt linkedin big4 Common Geocache Hide   The Sprinkler tt technorati big4 Common Geocache Hide   The Sprinkler

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4 Responses to “Common Geocache Hide – The Sprinkler”

  1. Thanks for finally talking about > Common Geocache Hide
    - The Sprinkler < Loved it!

  2. androyd says:

    Lucy, I have one of these in my front yard! My company made the machine that currently makes these sprinklers at 130 parts per minute!!!! Tha machine works so efficiently that they shut down all their other machines and just use that one! Nice article! I have some of these that I will bring to the next meetup so you can plant one as well if you would like!

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