One of the great things I love about geocaching is that there is a central website that is FREE (yes, we like free) and where you can see the adventures of other geocachers. It’s almost like a geocaching tool that can be used. Geocachers can post photos, profiles, stories about who they are and what they do. Geocache muggles would never know that this world existed with all this fun and secret adventures!

geocache pic 2 Funny Geocaching Pictures

When you first enter the main website of geocaching, there are photos from users adventures posted right there. And every time you refresh the screen, you get a different set of photos. It’s very cool to know you will see what people around the world are doing in thier geocaching adventures…and that your photo could show up to someone else.

geocache pic 3 Funny Geocaching Pictures

 I chose a random selection on photos shown….mainly the first one cracked me up with the random Japanese group. Could you imagine walking down the street and then seeing a bunch like this suddenly geocaching. The Geoacache muggles would look very confused…

 geocache pic 4 Funny Geocaching Pictures

Where in the world was this geocache above? I’m betting that it was not California? And did you know about Project A.P.E? It was a craze of geocaching that came about with the “Planet of the Apes” film a few years ago…
geocache pic 5 Funny Geocaching Pictures
What is your favorite photo of you or others geocaching?

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  1. These are fan’s great memories. Perhaps you can add a waterproof geocaching journal to add up with the gear line up. Please visit our site – we guarantee that your most memorable adventures will be preserved.

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