I just saw a geocache ranking tag used by a fellow geocacher and thought I’d find and share mine in this geocache blog post.

The geocaching ranking site is a lovely little geocaching tool provided by D Runner.

Drum roll…here are the results…Number 2,340 in California and number 30,790 in the world.

 The Geocache Rankings

The fellow geocachers we saw are a California geocaching couple called J&J who were ranked #26 in the world!!!! WOW! We were following them on a trail today in the geocache logs – so what an honor. The J&J couple have found over 11,000 geocaches!!!

Bangers & Mash might have a little way to go to catch up to J&J, but hey, the only way is up, right?!


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One Response to “The Geocache Rankings”

  1. Chris says:

    300 is a good number too–one we hope to get this weekend.

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