If you use the iPhone or Android app to geocache then you might have found a new feature called Geocache Souvenir. What is it? How do you get it? Read on to find out…

geocache souvenir03 NEW: Geocache Souvenirs

According to the Geocache website:
Souvenirs are virtual pieces of art that can be discovered and displayed on your profile.

More facts stated:

  • Souvenirs are linked to a location
  • Souvenirs may also be time bound (e.g. find in Oct 2010)
  • A Souvenir is found through logging other geocaches in the area of a souvenir
  • A Souvenir may also be found by searching the iPhone or Android app in the area of a souvenir

Where did this idea come from?

My guess is this is based off of Foursquare awarding badges for places and events you have visited. They got over 100,000 users in 10 days and are now over 500,000 people using this. Others soon copied like Yelp and Facebook where you can log your physical location using a GPS enabled device. People start comparing how many badges they have and the difficulty of obtaining the badge – sound familiar?

badges NEW: Geocache Souvenirs

How many Geocache Souvenirs are out there?

So far I have 1 from my mountain biking trip in Otay Lakes. I switched on my iPhone geocache app and ta-da suddenly it popped up. It did add a new element of surprise in geocaching that I’m guessing is the intent. It shows up on your profile page to keep you hooked…

geocaching souvenirs04 NEW: Geocache Souvenirs

GeoCass UK had some interesting links to other possible geocahe souvenirs, but when I tried them they did not work, so maybe Groundspeak caught on and have removed to keep the surprise element.

Potential future geocache souvenirs?

  • Halloween souvenir (logging on Oct 31st)
  • Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy souvenir (logging a 1-1 geocache)

geocache souvenir05 NEW: Geocache Souvenirs

tt twitter big4 NEW: Geocache Souvenirs tt facebook big4 NEW: Geocache Souvenirs tt linkedin big4 NEW: Geocache Souvenirs tt technorati big4 NEW: Geocache Souvenirs

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2 Responses to “NEW: Geocache Souvenirs”

  1. This is such a cool new feature!!!! I swear. It just keeps getting better and better.

  2. Geocass says:

    Yeah Groundspeak have disabled the links now. They were just place holders for where the souvenirs would go but they at least told you what the souvi’s would be. Very pleased were getting some for our Essex Country Parls, although I should imagine they will be in all our country parks before long. I don’t use foursquare so it was interesting to see your post and see where they’ve obviously got it from! Lol!

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