One thing I love about Geocaching is that it takes you to interesting places – and makes hiking much more interesting. This blog post shares our geocache hike in Penasquitos Canyon in San Diego to find a Waterfall which was also a virtual geocache.

We had a 2 mile hike to the waterfall from the parking lot and we just kept following the Garmin Colorado GPS to take us to the right place. We got there and it was a lovely view.

geocaching hike pensquitos canyon 02 Geocache Hiking in San Diego

Then on the other side of the river there was another geocache….we were not sure how to get across and could not see a trail, so decided we would have to cross the river and get wet – it’s worth it for a geocache!

After crossing the river (yes, we got wet!) we had to hike to the top of the hill and then foudn it was pointing towards a huge pile of giant rocks….walked around it but knew what we had to do….go to the top.

We scrambled and huffed and puffed but we finally made it to the top. Got to say the view (and the geocache) was worth the effort!

geocaching hike pensquitos canyon 01 Geocache Hiking in San Diego


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  1. Chris says:

    Wow! That’s some intense geocaching!

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