lucy on December 25th, 2010

What kind of a geocache would Santa hide? A webcam with a link to the North Pole? A puzzle that would keep you busy all day on Christmas? Well I found out what Santa and His Elves would hide in this local geocache.

Santa Santas Geocache

What else is a better match for Christmas than Geocaching?

Christmas is a great time of year to get out and geocache. You often are travelling and visiting family – so you can find geocaches in new places. You can share it with family and friends and introduce them to this treasure hunting fun. And you can work off a bit of the festive food through walking, hiking, or biking to find the geocache.

Last year I saw a geocache pop up on my local area pocket query called “Christmas Card Lane” and it was only available for ~3 weeks around Christmas. By the time I got around to go and find it, it was no longer available. Darn! Santa has other work to do during the year, so I understand he can’t commit to keeping this up all year.

So I’ve been waiting all year for this geocache to pop up again. It came at the same time a neighbour told us about a local street that decorates their neighborhood and all the locals go and walk or drive through the area. I searched my geocache query and found the geocache I’d been waiting for within this neighborhood. It was meant to be!


GC2BB4 Christmas Card Lane Cache Multi cache in California United States created by Santa Cache and his Elves Santas Geocache

Did you see who hid the geocache? It was Santa and His Elves! How exciting that he maintains a residence here in San Diego, California.

We drove down the street and admired the neighborhood, the locals have put a giant “Christmas Card” on each front garden with a different theme. Some have Harry Potter or Winnie the Pooh or The geocache was located in a bush in front of Wallace & Gromit….that’s me in front of Santa’s geocache.

xmas geocache01 Santas Geocache

I didn’t see Santa at the house – he was probably very busy delivering gifts to people across the world. Merry Christmas to All!


lucy on December 5th, 2010

Have you ever attended a MeetUp event? I just went to a Geocaching hike in Mission Trails and it was great!

I was doing a random search of local MeetUp groups in San Diego and came across the “Geocaching San Diego” group. I watched it for a while being that voyeur of social media and then saw this event pop up for Mission Trails hiking….as I’m trying to get more of the Mission Trails geocaches, I thought I’d give it a go.


meetup santee geocache run Geocaching MeetUp Group in Mission Trails


We arrived at Mission Trails and found parking and could not seem to find the geocachers thinking they would be a group at the edge of the car park somewhere. There were lots of bikers and some hikers but no geocachers….

Then we realized that the invite was in true geocaching style and we had to meet at the spot of a geocache (Picnic – GC1C5P7). We walked to the spot and true to form in the bushes was our fellow geocachers for the day…Androyd, FDEdge, and SueBox.


meetup santee hike Geocaching MeetUp Group in Mission Trails


We had a great hike in the Spring Canyon area of the Mission Trail Park. We tackled some hills to get the heart rate going and to enjoy the geocache find even more – it feels better when you’ve earned it!

We got to do some bushwhacking (i.e. no trail existing and you just have to make your way through bushes to get the cache).

We even got to do some back-tracking when Androyd left his hiking stick at 4 geocache finds ago….we walked back to each one until we found it. Just don’t tell his wife he nearly lost it!

Here was the geocache hike map that Androyd sent out – so these are the finds he had, which matched our cache find map pretty well.

meetup geocache map Geocaching MeetUp Group in Mission Trails

Our hike finished with a respectable 12 finds and 7 miles of hiking, so a good workout too. I felt good later when I ate pizza, salad, fruit smoothie, 4 babybels, and asparagus risotto. Yeah, I know….but I was hungry!!

Have you been on a Meetup group for geocaching before? After this one, I’ll be going again.

meetup geocachers Geocaching MeetUp Group in Mission Trails




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lucy on December 3rd, 2010

I was recently in Tempe Arizona for the IronMan competition. You can read my prior post with information listed here, including a video with statistics about the competitors.

Whilst in Arizona, I couldn’t resist grabbing a few geocaches in the local area. So I hired a touring bike and picked up a few geocaches. Here’s the local map with a few of the geocache finds I found.

map01 Tempe Arizona WebCam Geocaching


There was a few interesting geocaches here with some Math exams and some Webcam geocaches to find around the town. Apparently webcam geocaches are no longer allowed and have been grandfathered. You can still find these lovely little cache types on the Waymarking website instead.

There was one geocache that used my brain and walking skills a good test – there were 3 webcam waymarking geocaches to find – to then be able to come to the final puzzle geocache. With the lovely iPhone I went to the website and kept refreshing the page until we could see ourselves. At that point, I used the magic iPhone trick to take a screenshot of the site and “wha-la” our picture proof was done!

webcam photo Tempe Arizona WebCam Geocaching

WebCam Geocache Photo

Can you see those little people in the photos? That’s me!

Have you been on a fun adventure with a webcam geocache?

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