lucy on November 5th, 2010

I’m currently packing for the 12 hour Equinox Adventure race tommorrow. I’ve done a few short races and have started to get into the groove of what to pack, but I still like to have a nice check list to use to make sure I’ve got everything for the adventure race. The worst thing is to arrive at the race and realize you forgot a pair of shoes or helmet. If you forget a pair of socks, you can survive the pain, but a missing helmet means not being able to take part in the race….

I found this nice comprehensive list from AR gear and sharing it here for you to use and see as well. It recommends various types of each item if you don’t have it or want to see what they recommend.

sprint adventure racing recommended gear list argear com argear com  Adventure Race Gear List

Do you have a different adventure race gear list that you use? Please share….


lucy on October 30th, 2010

This geocache blog post adds to the series of revealing the mysteries of geocache hides. Others include the lamp post geocache hide and the Ammo Box.

This post focuses on The Sprinkler. Yes, those little black sprinklers that you see all over lawns and parks and fields can actually be geocaches. So you have to build up that geosense to know when to go and twizzle that sprinkler and when to leave it alone.

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lucy on October 28th, 2010

You can find geocaching tools for most phone carriers and I am familiar with the iPhone and Blackberry versions (see blog post). I am less familiar with the Nokia phone and its Ovi store for apps until a fellow geocacher (Chico Valdez) reached out and mentioned he was creating a Geocaching app.


ovi store  geocaching news Nokia Ovi App for Geocaching News


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