What is a PodCache?

It’s a combination of geocaching and a podcast. You need to have an MP3 file that you can play as you walk to find the geocache. Here is an example of a podcache that exists in Balboa Park, San Diego.

balboa podcache Finding a PodCache in Balboa Park

I stumbled upon this one whilst looking for geocaches in Balboa Park and realized that the easy grab and go geocaches were not to be found and that I had to tackle the puzzle caches. These have the “?” symbol on the screen.

I clicked on the geocache details and found I needed to go to the PodCache site. I’ve heard and met this husband and wife team – they are very friendly and have been podcaching for over 5 years now. Quite an achievement!

podcacherlogo Finding a PodCache in Balboa Park

So to start this PodCache I had to go to the coordinates listed and then press play on my iPhone, where I had downloaded the MP3 file to listen to. The team started by letting me know I’d visit several locations in Balboa Park, so I was glad I had brought this map.

map balboa park Finding a PodCache in Balboa Park

At the various locations I had to make a note of a specific feature and collect numbers that would help me calculate the final coordinates. One example was at the Balboa Park Fountain where the questions was “How many spouts on the outer circle are there?”

balboapark fountain Finding a PodCache in Balboa Park

I collected over 10 different places and was glad I had brought a pen and paper with me! I calculated the coordinates and off to the final location. I continued to listen to the podcache and realized that I had more steps to take when I got there. So I followed the trail at the next location and was able to find the geocache with Watson, the GeoDog.

watson blog Finding a PodCache in Balboa Park

If you’d like to take a walk in Balboa Park, San Diego and listen to this podcache, then here is the link to the PodCacher website where you can download and listen to it.

tt twitter big4 Finding a PodCache in Balboa Park tt facebook big4 Finding a PodCache in Balboa Park tt linkedin big4 Finding a PodCache in Balboa Park tt technorati big4 Finding a PodCache in Balboa Park

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3 Responses to “Finding a PodCache in Balboa Park”

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  2. Podcaching?!?! I absolutely love it. I love geocaching and podcasts. I don’t have a GPS, so I usually do Poor man’s Geocaching. I do, however, have an mp3 player. LOL!

    • lucy says:

      It was certainly fun to do something different to standard geocaching. The iphone 4 has opened up the doors to people not needing a GPS unit anymore, they can just press a button and see any local geocaches.
      I liked your blog photos, envious of those photography skills…

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