Saturday Nov 6th, 2010 at 9am was the biggest race of my life….a 12 hour adventure race in Otay Lakes. I’ve done a few adventure races this year so I knew what to expect in the disciplines of biking, hiking, kayaking, and orienteering. But the longest race so far was at 6 hours, so this […]

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lucy on November 5th, 2010

I’m currently packing for the 12 hour Equinox Adventure race tommorrow. I’ve done a few short races and have started to get into the groove of what to pack, but I still like to have a nice check list to use to make sure I’ve got everything for the adventure race. The worst thing is […]

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lucy on October 3rd, 2010

Another fine race from Equinox at Otay Recreational Park in Chula Vista, San Diego. The week brought crazy weather foreshadowing ominous events to occur in the race. So we had to be prepared for anything happening at what Barrie and Steve say is “their easiest race of the year”. The weather turned out perfect, sunshine […]

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