This geocache blog post adds to the series of revealing the mysteries of geocache hides and showcasing the more unusual or surprising geocache hides. There is a geocache at this photo location – but the unusual aspect is the reason for the hide – this large Saguaro cactus is actually a cell phone tower. I […]

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lucy on July 12th, 2009

uuurgh, I do love geocaching, but the smallest hide of all “the nano“ is my nightmare. this geocache blog entry shows what is looks like (if you can see it!) It is always really hard to find (check out the size of this thing in the photo…it’s the little black dot at the edge of […]

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This geocache blog post is about a review of 3 common types of units to use to find geocaches – Garmin, Blackberry, and iPhone and which one is the best geocaching GPS for you.┬áIn the past few weeks I’ve used each of these units to find geocaches and am providing my geocacher review on them. […]

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