lucy on August 20th, 2009

Earthcaches are geocaches that teach you about geology in the points of interest that you visit around you. When in Tucson, I went to the “Leaning Towers of … Arizona” Earth cache which shows you the pinnacles that have been formed over millions of years from different types of minerals and the natural elements of […]

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Adding the second puzzle to the 4 week series I’m setting. This one is easy and can be done at the location. The 4th cache will be based on the prior 3 and blog posts here… Disclaimer: All caches will be located in Southern California Puzzle #1               Blog Entry Geocache […]

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I am still on the learning trail of Puzzle Geocaches. Some can be quick and easy, whilst others are rock hard!! So putting out a series of blog posts highlighting Geocache Puzzles – solve the series highlighted in the blog posts…..and I’ll publish a new cache at the end. Disclaimer: All caches will be located […]

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