lucy on August 8th, 2010

I just spent 4 weeks in South Africa (and nearby countries Zimbabwe and Botswana) for a vacation. And of course….football!!! It all started at New Years Eve 2009…when I was looking at the new year about to start and thought “what adventure are we going to have in 2010?” I started to surf the web […]

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lucy on February 1st, 2010

We heard about this awesome geocache series at a local event. It was a series to honor the Top 40 cachers in San Diego (greatness #1, but sadness we are a long way from that list). This geocache blog post shows the best geocaching map that you’d like to see when you search an area…

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A group of geocachers were starting to email each other in November about getting the hardest geocache that is rated on the scale as a 5/5 geocache. This geocache blog post shares out attempt… A 5/5/ geocache is one that is Level 5 difficulty and Level 5 terrain. The scale is from 1-5 so it […]

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