A group of geocachers were starting to email each other in November about getting the hardest geocache that is rated on the scale as a 5/5 geocache. This geocache blog post shares out attempt… A 5/5/ geocache is one that is Level 5 difficulty and Level 5 terrain. The scale is from 1-5 so it […]

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Do you like to have adventures? Do you like to visit places and wonder what you’ll see, what you could learn? Geocaching took me on the Catalina Highway in Tucson – and to this rock on the edge of a tourist pullout. What an amazing adventure to have a picture and experience like this….and yes […]

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lucy on April 5th, 2009

One thing I love about Geocaching is that it takes you to interesting places – and makes hiking much more interesting. This blog post shares our geocache hikeĀ in Penasquitos Canyon in San Diego to find a Waterfall which was also a virtual geocache.

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