lucy on December 23rd, 2009

I like to take photos of my geocaching adventures. I usually upload them to Google Picasa photo albums. I found this feature they added to the Picasa tool on my computer to create a collage of photos from a folder and thought I’d add it to my geocaching tools I use and share in my geocache blog. […]

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lucy on August 20th, 2009

Earthcaches are geocaches that teach you about geology in the points of interest that you visit around you. When in Tucson, I went to the “Leaning Towers of … Arizona” Earth cache which shows you the pinnacles that have been formed over millions of years from different types of minerals and the natural elements of […]

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Do you like to have adventures? Do you like to visit places and wonder what you’ll see, what you could learn? Geocaching took me on the Catalina Highway in Tucson – and to this rock on the edge of a tourist pullout. What an amazing adventure to have a picture and experience like this….and yes […]

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