I was recently in Tempe Arizona for the IronMan competition. You can read my prior post with information listed here, including a video with statistics about the competitors.

Whilst in Arizona, I couldn’t resist grabbing a few geocaches in the local area. So I hired a touring bike and picked up a few geocaches. Here’s the local map with a few of the geocache finds I found.

map01 Tempe Arizona WebCam Geocaching


There was a few interesting geocaches here with some Math exams and some Webcam geocaches to find around the town. Apparently webcam geocaches are no longer allowed and have been grandfathered. You can still find these lovely little cache types on the Waymarking website instead.

There was one geocache that used my brain and walking skills a good test – there were 3 webcam waymarking geocaches to find – to then be able to come to the final puzzle geocache. With the lovely iPhone I went to the website and kept refreshing the page until we could see ourselves. At that point, I used the magic iPhone trick to take a screenshot of the site and “wha-la” our picture proof was done!

webcam photo Tempe Arizona WebCam Geocaching

WebCam Geocache Photo

Can you see those little people in the photos? That’s me!

Have you been on a fun adventure with a webcam geocache?

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3 Responses to “Tempe Arizona WebCam Geocaching”

  1. ErikaJean says:

    agh, messed up that link, sorry.

  2. ErikaJean says:

    I’ve done the two active webcam caches in Tucson (Here.) and (a href=”http://www.erikajean.com/2009/10/my-1st-webcam-cache.html”>Here. Haven’t seemed to really get into the waymarking thing.

    I do wish I had that iPhone benefit though! Nice!! I feel a little behind the times with no internet on my phone….

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