There are many different sizes of geocaches out there and having found hundreds, I have seen many types. This geocache blog post though may just be about the Biggest geocache ever…in the world….yes that is a bold statement, so you tell me if you agree or not….

I was out on a geocache hike in San Diego and saw the geocache name “45 Gallon” on my Garmin and thought “interesting”. I read the full log description and the clue was in the title, 45 gallons was the actual size of the geocache. So it surely must be easy to find? I have to say it was very cleverly hidden and unless you know you were looking, it would be easy to miss. Guess that’s why it has not been muggled yet.

After finding it, Bangers & Mash joked about it being so big that you could fit a person in it, so I of course took the challenge and got in the geocache hide.

biggest geocache01 The Biggest Geocache Ever???


You might be wondering what was in the geocache hide….of course it was the biggest geocache logbook I have ever seen as well.

biggest geocache log01 The Biggest Geocache Ever???

What is the biggest geocache hide you have ever found?

tt twitter big4 The Biggest Geocache Ever??? tt facebook big4 The Biggest Geocache Ever??? tt linkedin big4 The Biggest Geocache Ever??? tt technorati big4 The Biggest Geocache Ever???

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2 Responses to “The Biggest Geocache Ever???”

  1. PISA-caching says:

    Check out GC1K5ND. Haven’t seen anything bigger than that, but there still might be something out there that is even bigger. Wish I had the chance to visit Cyprus one day.

  2. Crazy Cacher says:

    I love the pictures of the huge cache. Funny story actually, we have a cacher back home by me who wanted to create a rather large cache. He built it out of plywood and made an exact replica of an ammo can that could hold no joke 3 people inside of it. It is huge! It looks just like the ammo can as well. I hope he hides it soon, but I have no idea how he is going to do it.

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