Another fun filled weekend for Bangers & Mash. This time it was the Urban Dare race held in San Diego. The weather held out to be a lovely sunny day. We all met in Maloney’s Bar in the underground section – quite odd to be in the dark in the beautiful sunshine.

It was a BIG turnout with over 60 teams – we had a last minute scramble to find help – our usual friends were enjoying spring break – leaving us with only our wits and an iPhone. Glad we had the iPhone!

The bell rang and the paper was put out to grab….off we go!

clue sheetJPG Bangers & Mash Strike Again at Urban Dare

We sat down with another couple we’ve met at other races and worked together to solve the clues. Some were ‘tentative’ spots, but enough for us to start on a route and solve as we are out on the course. So know it was about running as fast as we could.

We couldn’t find the first place – which of course threw us off our game! So we just had to move on and see what happened next. This race definitely had more challenges in it – which makes it a bit of fun. The first one was spinning in a circle 8 times and then running around a course. Bangers took the brunt (love ya!) and went falling on the floor. I was laughing as we all the people watching these strange people…


Next we ran to towards the harbor. Picked up a hotel visit and a spelling bee challenge. Had to find people to do silly things with us – marry me from a stranger – get a cartwheel – and a 6 person pyramid. I thought the harbor with all those tourists was the best option to get these challenges. I was right!

We had to backtrack for “the” clue that everyone seemed to struggle with. It was the Urban Trees – Sea Monkey. It was numbered #3 but not in the walkway with #1-6. Some people said it had been de-commissioned and was not a real clue. Others suggested they found it North or South on the harbor. Which way do we go?

We got a text message form our other couple racing suggesting south – and we added an addition +1 mile to our trip. That added some precious minutes!!


Urban Dare San Diego

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The rest seemed to go smooth – we jogged as much as we could – can see the benefit of getting more active. We were able to keep a fast pace throughout.

I lost my hydration though at the “Bubble” challenge where I had to blow a bubble from gum – took forever to chew and get saliva. Then a sad little bubble and off we ran again!

Running back to the finish we had one 5 minute bonus to get – found it was behind us but decided it would take longer than 5 minutes to get it – hence not worth it. We ran through the busy roads and had only the Irish bar that eluded us at the start. A quick check on Yelp said it was 2 blocks away….so we sucked wind and ran the blocks. Got the photo, checked our time and realized we had a chance to make it in under 2 hours! Wow…..

The pedestrian lights were NOT our friends and those 2 little blocks had red lights for us. We couldn’t cross due to traffic (and safety!), so we ran back into the bar with a time of 2:01 hours. Darn!!

We were very chuffed at the time, looked like we placed ~13th. First place was the national champs (and a Facebook friend of mine) that came in at 1:18 hours. Fantastic!

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