Welcome to the latest geocaching tool that we have added to our arsenal…Watson the geodog!

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Dogs can be great as helpful geocaching tools because:

  1. They have great smell to sniff out the box underneath a rock
  2. They have great hearing to alert you when a muggle is coming around the corner
  3. They are man’s best friend so you can share in your delight when you find another geocache!

He’s only a puppy but as a terrier mix, he has bundles of energy and in 3 weeks we have yet to wear him out on a walk. So we decided to test his hiking and uphill skills out on Iron Mountain in San Diego.

san diego hiking trails information and maps for hiking to the top of iron mountain Welcome Watson the GeoDog

This is a hike that many people take their dogs on, and indeed on Iron Mountain we saw over 30 dogs in 1 hour of all shapes and sizes. We asked if the little ones (dachshunds, yorkies…) had made it up and the owners all said “of course!!”

I ran the Iron Mountain Geocache Hall of Fame query and focused on the Iron Mountain side of the park…we managed to find 10 today including a puzzle (hooray for me and those Cryptogram puzzles). Congratulations to Watson the geodog on his first hike, completing 2 miles.

geocaching results for iron mt Welcome Watson the GeoDog

Here’s the link to the geocache if you want to solve and find it yourself. GCWGE1 Cryptogram

GCWGE1 Cryptograms Unknown Cache in California United States created by Team Adelos 300x110 Welcome Watson the GeoDog



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One Response to “Welcome Watson the GeoDog”

  1. erikajswan says:

    Glad the little guy made it, he’s a cutie!!

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